David Sanborn

I became a fan of David Sanborn in the mid seventies. I worked for a sound reinforcement company, Stanal Sound, and he would sometimes be a part of the acts that Stanal worked with. I met him backstage in a Chicago venue when he was playing with Rickie Lee Jones. I was star struck, but managed to have a conversation with him that passed for normal. I still play some of his albums. David has recorded some 24 albums. He has won six Grammy awards. Eight of his albums were gold and one went platinum. He still is a very active performer to this day. I am very pleased to add his portrait to my gallery. This pose is from a photo taken by Mac McDonnell. Mac is a close friend and, as a sound and lighting engineer, he has had the opportunity to take some classic photos of people like David Sanborn. I am very grateful for his contribution to this portrait. He captures the spirit of the concert, especially the lighting, like few other photographers can.