Kris Kimura

It is such a pleasure to add Kris to my gallery of Jazz performers. He is an outstanding woodwinds performer, singer, composer and arranger. Kris has participated in a Grammy award winning album as well as performing at festivals all over the U.S. and has performed with internationally renowned performers such as Diana Krull, Elvis Costello, the Ojays, Jason Marsalis and many more. He is the owner of Parker Jazz Club in Austin, Texas and one of the founders of the Texas Jazz Society. This pose is from a photo by photographer Mac McDonnell, who is a close friend of mine for over forty years, He is also the sound and lights engineer at Parker Jazz Club where the reference photo was taken. This is the tenth painting in my gallery of jazz performers, but it won't be the last. Every week Parker Jazz Club streams live videos of jazz performances which gives me a rich supply of inspiring painting subjects.